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Date: 31st October 2015
Machine Roomless Observation Elevator

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd Is A Leading China Machine Room Observation Elevator Manufacturer And Supplier, Also A Professional Machine Room Observation Elevator Company With Well-Run Machine Room Observation Elevator Factory, Welcome To Contact Us.
Model: GROS20
We Introduce A Full Set Of The Latest German Control Technology And Apply New Modern Materials And The Latest Processing Craft& Technique To Produce GRO20 Serial Observation Lift Products. This Kind Of Products Have The Most Perfect Performance In Lots Of Aspects Such As The Travel Quality, Safety Functions, Car Model Design, Energy-Saving And Loss Reduction Etc.
We Strive To Bring An Advanced Super View Aesthetics To The Serial Goods. Our Products Will Be The Most Glaring Flowing Scene Which Up And Down In The Buildings .When The Nigh Falls, The Lift Deducts The Dazzling Light Of Aristocracy In The Constructions.
These Serial Products Are Applicable For The High Grade Business Hotel, Office Building, Airport, Bus Station And Other Public Transport Places Which Require The Sightseeing Purposes.

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